Inspection and site supervision

Selmek provides qualified welding inspectors (IWI-C) to public and private organizations operating in various industries for monitoring of performance, progress and inspection on construction site.

Our inspectors may represent manufacturers, clients of manufacturers and owners seeking welding inspectors for diverse constructions requiring continious welding inspections in order to meet requirements.

Typical services include but are not limited to:

  • interpretation of drawings and specifications,
  • verification of welding procedure specification (WPS) and welder qualification,
  • verifying the application of approved welding procedures (WPS),
  • verifying the parent materials and welding consumables,
  • inspection the fit-up and preparation for the weld,
  • witnessing the welding operation itself,
  • selection of production test sample,
  • keeping track of the status of examination and testing and selecting specific welds for further NDT or mechanical testing,
  • interpretation of test results,
  • preparation of reports,
  • preparation of inspection procedures,
  • check the correct application of NDT procedures,
  • witnessing various testing (destructive testing, non-destructive testing, lift testing, pressure testing)
  • review of manufacturing and welding/quality documentation.